Who are we?

The Congregation of Holy Cross was founded in 1837, in Sainte-Croix, a small village by then outside Le Mans, France.

“…while we prepare useful citizens for society, we shall likewise do our utmost to prepare citizens for heaven.”
Blessed Basil Moreau, CSC

We are an apostolic religious congregation composed of two distinct societies of religious brothers and sisters, “bound together in one indivisible brotherhood”.

The Congregation of Holy Cross is an International Congregation with its headquarters in Rome, Italy and actively ministering in France, USA, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.
In East Africa, our Headquarters are in Nsambya, Kampala-Uganda at Bishop McCauley House. The first Holy Cross missionaries came to East Africa in 1958 and settled in western Uganda in Fort portal later became diocese with Bishop Vincent McCauley, CSC as the first bishop. McCauley was the first Holy Cross Superior in East Africa.


We are inspired by the legacy of Blessed Basil Moreau to become superb educators of mind and heart wherever we are sent;
to evangelize with zeal, proclaiming hope in the cross; and nurturing within our institutions a spirit of a Christian family and discipleship in imitation of the Holy Family.
Our purpose is to extend Fr. Moreau’s philosophy of Christian education and to uphold his standards for creating citizens for service to Church and world. Our model is Jesus Christ who was called “Teacher”. Our call is to follow him as Educators in the Faith.


We prepare people that we minister to, for better times than ours as Educators in the faith. We educate the heart and the mind. We live our Charism and Spirituality in our ministries of Parishes, Schools, Colleges/Universities, Holy Cross Family Ministries, health centers and formation houses.


1. To live faithfully in conformity to Christ, our life in Holy Cross must be marked by certain characteristics or common values that flow from our spirituality, mission and community life:
2. Trust in Divine Providence that makes us dependent upon God in all things;
3. Union of hearts that recognizes the presence of Christ within and among us;
4. Compassion that shares, even as Jesus and Mary did, in the lives and sufferings of others;
5. Courage that risks all for the kingdom of God;
6. Zeal that sets our hearts on fire, the audacity to make all things new, to make Christ known and loved; Competence that marks every aspect of our ministry;
7. Promotion of justice and concern for the poor;
8. Closeness to the people we serve and to our lay collaborators;
9. Family spirit that binds our minds and hearts, in joys and sorrows, so that people will “see how they love one another.”