• Mission

    We are an apostolic religious family of priests and brothers bound together in one indivisible brotherhood in service to the Church and in a communal response to the Lord’s mission.


Bring Hope Across Borders

The Holy Cross Mission Center brings the hope of Christ to communities in need around the world. With a presence in 16 countries, they support the poor and vulnerable at our international missions through prayer, education, vocational training, health aid, and so much more. Here in the province of East Africa they have been present with us in most of our ministries.


While the work of Holy Cross began in Education and Parish ministry, our mission takes across borders of every sort. For the Congregation of Holy Cross Province of East Africa, our mission includes outreach ministries to the poor, spiritual wellbeing of families (through HCFM), Parish Ministry, Health care/ Healing Ministry, Social Justice among other ministries for families, our mission also includes international ministries, where we seek to educate the hearts and minds of people around the globe.


The priests and brothers of Holy Cross serve in educational institutions around the country, where they seek to form the hearts and minds of young people.


The Congregation of Holy Cross East African Province staffs 10 parishes in the Africa, focusing the Congregation’s resources on parishes with schools and those that serve the poor.


We participate in God’s mission as “Educators in the Faith” reaching out to the afflicted and in a preferential way to the poor and oppressed” (C2:12-13). We thereby seek to embody with zeal the mission of Jesus.


The Congregation of Holy Cross Province of East Africa involves in healthcare through dispensaries and health centers attached to various parishes like St. Brother Andre (Bugembe Parish), Brother Andre Dispensary ( Dandora Nairobi -Kenya), Lostete (St Brendan Parish Kitete Tanzania) to serve the community and uphold.

Holy Cross Family Ministries

Holy Cross Family Ministries was founded by Father Patrick Peyton, CSC commonly known as "The Rosary Priest." The organization's mission is to promote and strengthen family prayer, particularly the praying of the Rosary, as a means of fostering family unity and ensuring spiritual growth. Father Patrick Peyton is famous for the phrase, "The family that prays together stays together," which encapsulates the core belief of the ministry. He believed that regular family prayer, especially through the recitation of the Rosary, has a positive impact on family relationships and contribute to a healthier society. The ministry encourages families to pray together, particularly focusing on the Rosary, which helps us meditate on key events in the life of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. The Current President of Holy Cross Family Ministry Fr. Fred Jenga, CSC is a member of our province.