• Formation and Vocation Dessernment

    Discover the path of formation and vocation discernment in Holy Cross.


    We asked how we might follow, and we found many footprints on the road. A great band of men had passed this way, men who had made and lived by their vows, men who had walked side by side in their following of the Lord. They beckoned us to fall in step with them. We wanted to be part of the family they formed in order to share in their life and work.


Vocations and Formation

“Candidates who come to the congregation deserve from us the cultivation of their maturity, faith, generosity, learning and ability to live in community. With them we assess their character and growth as Christians, and we both discern and assist them to discern whether they are disposed and able to move towards joining our congregation.” (C6.61)


Come and See Program

We accept baptized and practicing CATHOLIC students, who have received the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation in the Church. High School students should not be above 25 years of age and University Graduates should NOT be above 26 years of age.



Aspirants must have completed and passed well UCE with a credit in English, Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) Examinations (at least 10 points for Art subjects and 8 points for Science Subjects, including a point in General Paper.

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Aspirants must have completed and passed well High School Examinations (at least C+ Mean Grade).

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Aspirants must have completed and passed well Advanced Level with 2 principal passes (in appropriate subjects) at the same session with total points not below 5 for Art Subjects and not below 4 for Science subjects.

Formation Program


Candidacy - Andre House Bugembe Jinja

Studies at PCJ. The initial phase of Formation in Holy Cross is the acceptance into the candidacy program. This part of formation takes place in Jinja as candidates pursue their philosophical studies at the Queen of Apostles Philosophy Centre. Candidates undergo initial training in community life, seminary studies, academic advancement and parish ministry.


Novitiate - Lake Saaka Fort Portal

Ministries ( Parishes, Hospitals, Prisons, ..) The Novitiate time (usually one year) is a pivotal time of preparation for religious life in the Congregation of Holy Cross. Our Novitiate is in the Diocese of Fort Portal (Saaka) in Uganda. During the novitiate program, the novice becomes more acquainted with the different forms of prayer which is part of the church tradition, the founding, charism, evangelical counsels, and history of the community.

Post Novitiate - McCauley House Nairobi

Studies at Tangaza and ministries in Parishe. Following first profession of vows at the completion of the Novitiate program the newly professed continue further training in preparation for apostolic activity in the congregation. Brothers will pursue a year of spiritual theology as well as academic degrees and professional studies appropriate to their intended ministry. Seminarians will follow a course of theology for priesthood. The post Novitiate program is located in Nairobi.

Life in Holy Cross

We leave our Charism as Educators in Faith.

For we are an apostolic Roman Catholic Community of Priests and Brothers committed to a common way of life bound by the Vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience according to the Constitutions of the Congregation of Holy Cross, common prayer, and mission. “We go as educators in the faith to those whose lot we share.”– Constitutions of the Congregation of Holy Cross, 2:12


Discerning in Community

What is it really like to answer God’s call? You may not know right away whether God is calling you to serve his people as a priest, as a religious brother, or as a husband and father. But if you can’t let go of the idea that you are called to a radical life of love and service, there’s no better place to explore your options than in a seminary.

Holy Cross men in formation come from many different walks of life. Some come directly from high school and some from college. Others have worked or pursued graduate study before entering. They hail from all over the country and have many different hobbies and interests. What they all have in common, though, is a commitment to discern whether God is calling them to serve his Church as a priest or brother in the Congregation of Holy Cross.

Seminarians and brother scholastics live together, study together, work together and pray together. A regular schedule of common prayer, common meals, academic courses, ministry, and formation helps them to grow as Christian men and discern God’s will for their lives.

No one enters a seminary completely certain about his vocation. For a man seriously considering priesthood or religious life, a seminary is the best place to discern a vocation. By living the life of a seminarian or brother scholastic, a man grows in holiness and comes to understand whether this is God’s will for his life.

A college-age man may begin formation in Holy Cross in the undergraduate seminary known as “Old College.” A college graduate would begin formation at Moreau Seminary as a postulant. To help you learn more about seminary life, we have included virtual tours of our seminaries and posted profiles of our men in formation and seminary staff so that you can meet them and better discern if you are called to discern with us.

Our Spirituality

Ave Crux, Spes Unica "Hail the Cross, Our Only Hope"

“The journey begins before our profession and ends only at our resurrection. We would be created anew to the point when we can say, ‘It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.’”

Constitutions of the Congregation of Holy Cross, 6:59

Holy Cross Priests

Besides their Religious Calling, Holy Cross Priests exercise their priestly vocation as chaplains in our institutions; as Pastors in the Parishes; they also do administration work, and they are also teachers and professors in our institutions.

Our Spirituality

Ave Crux, Spes Unica "Hail the Cross, Our Only Hope"

“On my very first visit to Old College, I sensed the presence of a community life that I had not experienced at a previous visit to a different seminary. It was totally unexpected. I learned quickly that I could be myself in Holy Cross. This community would receive me for who I was and help me grow into the person I was called to be. Holy cross is truly a family.”

Br. Jimmy Henke, C.S.C., on his profession of perpetual vows in 2022

Holy Cross Brothers

Besides their Religious Calling, Holy Cross Brothers participate in the heritage of Blessed Basil Moreau as administrators in our institutions such as universities, colleges and schools. They also serve as professors and teachers; and are involved in parochial pastoral work and administration.


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