Sacred Heart Parish Sombetini, Arusha Tanzania

Sacred Heart Parish Sombetini is a Holy Cross second mission in Tanzania, being the first in the Archdiocese of Arusha. It was erected a Parish in 2007 after being an outstation of Ngarinaro and Burka parishes respectively. The Congregation of the Holy Cross took responsibility of its administration in July 2015. It is located in the North East of Arusha city.

…Christ was anointed to bring good news to the poor, release for prisoners, sight for the blind, restoration for every broken victim. Our efforts, which are his, reach out to the afflicted and in a preferential way to the poor and the oppressed. We come not just as servants but as their neighbors, to be with them and of them.

Christians really feel connected to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Sacraments are well celebrated in the parish, we do have infant baptism after every three months and the children presented for baptism are usually very many, weddings and annual confirmation of not less than 230 Christians is highly appreciated. Weekly visitation of the sick within the parish is a commendable pastoral care to our Christians and also burials for Christians. There are many lay apostolic movements in the parish for instance, St. Anne, Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Region of Mary, Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Vincent de Paul, Mt. Aloyce for altar servers and the choir. All these groups have chaplains who are Holy Cross, each group has at least one day in the week for meeting to pray as well as organizing for other programs.

The faith of the people is the foundation of the development explained to you and also observed in the photos. “I believe that we won the trust of the faithful and, in return expressed their generosity. They truly know that the work of service is to build their faith and church. That is the strength behind the work of parish developments.” The parishioners can proudly testify “Holy Cross has the ability to transform the faith and social welfare of the community.” “Tujenge Kanisa Letu” meaning “Let us build our Church” is a very fitting slogan for the physical and spiritual activities happening in Sacred Heart Parish Sombetini